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  1. | Kelvin | 1 day ago

    Very compact and it has a great material (it’s HD pictures are way better than other similar drones that I had before). I will buy another for my wife and give it as a present as she’s the one that loves to take selfies.

  1. | Anthony | 1 day ago

    Super nice and very small! I could not find instructions for use yet…

  1. | Juan Luis | 1 day ago

    The most awesome product I’ve ever had delivered!

  1. | Patricia | 1 day ago

    I bought one for my dad and one for my husband and they loved it! With no previous knowledge, I based my decision on the advice from a friend, I hesitated, but it is a good product and especially the different modes are quite incredible! I recommend it without a doubt!

  1. | Hun-Yuan | 1 day ago

    Very good quality, works wonderfully

  1. | Jonathan | 1 day ago

    arrived on time, looks good quality, very good product

  1. | Andrew | 1 day ago

    I don’t understand how it has negative comments... The drone I received is very good and ultra light! I can take pictures of my entire courtyard at night and they look wonderful!

  1. | Axel | 1 day ago

    I love it!! Very light and small, I keep it in the entrance so I can always take it with me when I leave home. I tested it long enough and the battery lasts for several hours. I am thinking of buying some more for the other members of my family

  1. | Philip | 2 days ago

    It’s a very good product and that's exactly what I needed, I love how easy is to use it. Perfect for taking pictures with friends and for many other situations, I do really love this product

  1. | Paul | 2 days ago

    I just received it!!! The best of all the options I could have had. Works amazingly and is easy to charge.

  1. | Aaron | 2 days ago

    I received my order last Friday, I am completely satisfied.... This is without a doubt the best drone I have ever had. The manoeuvres are simply amazing!!! mind-blowing

  1. | Julie | 4 days ago

    even better than a pro camera

  1. | Patrick | 4 days ago

    a great device that has a great price!

  1. | Mark | 5 days ago

    very good, with lots of accessories! A very good shop :)

  1. | Mathew | 5 days ago

    I bought 2, one for myself and one for my daughter, I'm not especially a selfie person haha ​​but where I live there are a lot of great places to make videos with a view and I wanted my daughter and I enjoy some father-daughter time enjoying the good weather… I really recommend this drone to everyone!

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  1. Description

    • Drone: Design Made in USA
    • Easy To Operate
    • Live Video Stream
    • Stable Video Output
    • Multiple Pre-programmed functions: Altitude hold, crazy manoeuvres, wi-fi, 360º flips&rolls and more
  1. Video :

  1. Simple navigation

    Fits into every pocket

    Professional photographers have tested it and love it

Special Discount! Drone 720x is available at -50% *
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