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Rondel Hunt

Really easy to fly, just read the manual and watch the videos. Very durable and can be flown indoors. Camera is fair quality and easy to use. My only complaint is the 10 min fly time! I just wanna fly!


A great little drone to learn how to fly with. Camera and video surprisingly not bad either. I've really enjoyed flying it and have not had to change any blades yet on it. It comes with extra rotor blades in case one gets broke. I bought extra batteries because it only comes with 1 and they last about 10 fly time. A great little drone for the money to learn how to fly.

Dale Hanke 

This is a great little drone that I'm very happy with. Very good if you're a first time drone owner like me. It's so much fun and relatively easy to learn. I didn't expect the video and pictures it takes to be so good but they were. The unit is very well built and sturdy with all the crashes I've put it through. It comes with extra rotor blades which is good because mine are already getting scuffed. I flew it outside before I had enough indoor practice and got it stuck in a tree, so watch out. Flight controller is very comfortable to use and hold. I just wish it had a longer battery'll love it.

Eual Holland 

Customer service was fantastic ! Had an issue after one day of use but it was resolved the next day.
Wonderful product easy instructions getting better with flying..:)

Karen Misrock Perrone 

This was a gift for my son, who is 11 years old. I also bought a second one for my 13 year old son too. They love this product! It takes great videos and good photos.....the best ones are from outside. It works well outside but be careful of winds because the drone is so light. It can go over 200 feet away and 75 feet in the air. The boys just came back from flying it from an empty baseball field. The battery life lasted about 15 minutes. They ended up using some Christmas cash to buy a spare battery to help their flying time when they go to the park. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

Jawauna Aiken-Guerrier 

This is my first quad rotor drone so I'm not the most knowledgable person as far as pros and cons but I'll say for the price this thing is a blast. Easy to fly, haven't experimented yet with the camera but I don't even care, this thing is so much fun to fly I could care less how well the camera works.

Christopher Pratt 

My son's review....
"I am 11 years old and I received this drone as a birthday gift. It is a very good beginner level drone as it is my first and it is very easy to control. I highly recommend not to fly it on windy days. When we tried to fly it on a windy day we got it stuck up in a tree for over an hour. Connecting and disconnecting the drone from its battery can be challenging because the cords are delicate but the connection holds well. I have had a great time flying it."

Mark Walla 

After testing a few entry level RC airplanes/quadcopters, the Drone 720x is definitely the best I've used. It's extremely durable; I've had it fall from 75 feet without a scratch. The battery life is pretty decent. Very easy to control after you've gotten used to it. The HD camera doesn't have the best quality, but it's a great deal for the money. All around, very pleased.


I bought this for my husband to try out before making a big purchase on one of these. We did have issues in the beginning with the batteries however after I wrote to the company they were extremely fast sending him new ones. As of now he is really enjoying it, just having some issues trying to get it to work with his phone.

I would recommend this product. I was impressed with the customer service, not very often you find a business who stands behind their product. They do.

Jeremy Arnold  

Bought this as a Christmas present for my niece and it was her favorite present. She has created a drone backpack and is setting her alarm for 7am so she can ride her bike to the park and fly the drone. She lives at the beach and temporarily broke the drone due to landing hard in sand. She and her Dad had “drone operation” that night and fixed it to her delight. It shall be interesting to see how long this works but I’m pleased with the low cost of a toy that she absolutely loves!!!

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